Our Magical Mystery Table Experience

We are a magical duo and a close-knit father and son act who radiate warmth and give you magical entertainment with our Mystery Table Experience!

We are George and Alex, and love bringing magic people's lives in incredible, impossible and memorable ways! We like nothing more than performing our unique mix of humour, mystery and energy at events where people can experience the impossible close up - and our Mystery Table Experience is the best way of doing that!

A Mystery table Experience involves groups of between 6 to 15 people gathering around a table for a spectacular, up-close and personal show performed by Alex and George.

These shows can last between 15 and 30 minutes and can run throughout the entire event, making our unique form magic even more memorable and amazing!

Whether it's a birthday or office party, special occassion, corporate event or anything else, we can deliver this entertaining and engaging Mystery Table magic act for you as long as there's a seperate table and plenty of fun, interest and amazement at hand!


What A Mystery Table Can Do For You

A Mystery Table can focus our magic in one particular place, making it a much more personal and engaging experience for us as performers and for your guests as participants. They will get to see the magic we do close-up, performed exclusively for them in their small groups and will be smiling straight from the beginning!

We provide a wide variety of laugh-out-loud and mysterious magic that’s suitable for all occasions and tailor-made for whatever theme and mood you want to set for your event!

Mystery tables that we've run in the past have be themed around:

Hilarious Close-Up Comedy

Mysterious Mind Readers

Powers of Perceptions

Victorian Spook Shows

Fast and Freaky Fun

Educational Entertainment

Mesmerising Mediums

Traditional Magical Mysteries

And many more! Our love of magic has been developed for decades (for over half of my life – Alex). Now, we’d love nothing more than to share it with you in instantly memorable and amazing ways!

We create these intimate and astonishing magic moments with our Mystery Table experiences that are funny, puzzling and entertaining, adding real value, amazement and surprise to your event, making the time we spend with you and your guests more memorable and lifting the whole atmosphere whilst entertaining and mystifying everyone there.

We have been described as first-class magicians, and our inimitable bond between father and son creates a compelling performance that has warmed hearts and amazed audiences across the United Kingdom for over 10 years!

If you are interested, please call or text us on 07941 521 469. We are happy to chat about what you need!


Why Hire Us?

We are all about creating moments of laughter, awe, wonder and true amazement. By helping people to have a truly magical experience through our Mystery Tables around the country, we feel we are truly living up to why we started performing.


People have said that we are talented, very enthusiastic, friendly, great fun and entertaining to watch:

As well as a variety of birthday parties, anniversaries, christenings, corporate functions and close-up shows, we have worked for the NHS, Deutschbank, John Lewis, charities, universities and studied in Las Vegas, the home of magic, and we bring all that experience straight to your event. Our feedback shows why we are so highly recommended for anyone looking for magic across the Midlands.

Find out more by calling or texting us on 07941 521 469 or getting in touch below. We are happy to chat about what you need.

What Else Do We Do?

We are happy to perform in any environment and for as many people as you would like! Here are a few more options you might like to consider: